Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jackfruit Preserve | Chakka Varati | Jackfruit Jam

I love all kerala delicacies and i don't know why  may be because i was born and brought near to that state and the taste of coconut oil makes me carve for their food.This preserve with jack fruit is also one of Kerala's recipe which they make and keep it for further use when they get jack fruit in abundances.I adopted this recipe slightly from here.I have plans to make two new recipes with and will post it as i prepare.

Preparation time: 10 mins
cooking time: under 30 mins
Recipe source:slightly from here 
Makes: about 100 gms.


Jackfruit-1\4 kg
powdered jaggery- 1\3 cup
Cardamon ,crushed- 3
Dry ginger powder/ chukku-1\4 tsp
ghee-1\2 tsp 

jackfruit preserve


1.Remove the seeds and inner white parts in a jack,fruit.Add the cleaned edible part alone in a cooker and add a cup of water.Pressure cook for 2 whistle and switch off.After the pressure is released open the cooker and mash it well.

2.Meanwhile make crushed the jaggery and add 1\2 cup water to it and make jaggery syrup.When jaggery is dissolved well switch off and strain for impurities.

3.Add this jaggery syrup to the cooked jack fruit and cook till it become jam like consistency,continuous sauteing is necessary else it may get burned.

4Add in crushed cardamon,ghee and dry ginger powder.When is leaves the sides of the pan ,switch off.

Cool it and store in fridge.Can be used in making payasam,appam or any sweet dish.

Wait for new recipes with it from my kitchen.

P.s.: Sorry i couldn't take step by step pic. in the initial stage of this recipe.

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