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Kaju Katli /Cashew Burfi | Traditional method | Festive Recipe

Kaju Katli /Cashew Burfi | Traditional method | Festive Recipe

This is my third method of making kaju katli and this is the traditional way for making it.My earlier methods of making this were no failure method and instant method.Once when were for shopping i got this silver wraps,ever since i bought it my daughter was insisting me to make kaju katli ad she is a huge fan of it and when i made this,there was great fight for it on our home , and all vanished in just 10 mins,nothing let for me to taste.


Cashew nut/Kaju- 1 cup
Sugar- 1\2 cup
Water- 1\4 cup
silver wraps for decoration (optional)


1.Powder the cashew in the mixer to a fine powder.the cashew should not used directly from fridge,bring it to room temperature and powder it.

2.Boil sugar with water and keep stirring.The sugar consistency is very important for this must be one string check it keep water in a plate and add few drops of syrup in it,it forms thread and does not dissolve.

3.At this stage add the cashew powder and keep stirring in low flame for 2-3 mins.when it forms a dough mass switch off and transfer it to a greased plate for kneading.

4.Knead it to get smooth dough.Spread it out and decorate it with silver wrap.

Kaju Katli /Cashew Burfi | Traditional method | Festive Recipe

5.Cut it into the desired shape when it is slightly warm and enjoy.

Kaju Katli /Cashew Burfi | Traditional method | Festive Recipe


1.If dough becomes hard add few drops of milk and knead it,but adding milk reduce the shelf life.

2.the cashew must be very dry while powdering it.


  1. Wow. very professionally done cashew burfi

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