Monday, December 15, 2014

My First Event with Giveaways

First i need to say some thing.Its had been more than 2 years since i started to blog without knowing anything about blogging.To say the truth i thought why not i too write about recipe after seeing Yummy Tummy aarthi's blog ,yes her blog only made be to come into this blogging world.Even  now i use use think how silly i was used to ask many people the basic of blogging.But now i can't saw i know everything about blogging still a lot to learn,yes learning is a big ocean one can never say i have learnt everything.

In my 2+ years of blogging journey i have earned  some good friends who comments and support me and deeply share their loving words and concern.
I love to participate in event and has participated in many event  won many gifts in few events too.
Now its my turn to give gifts to the readers,friends.

Rules for participation:

1.The event runs from December 15th 2014 to Jan 15th 2015.
2.Any number of new recipes can be linked and a maximum of 5 archived recipe can be linked but all must have the above picture and link back to this page.
3.It can any recipes -starter,veg,non-veg,dessert,etc 
4.Be my blog follower
5.Like Babi's Recipes in Face book here
6.Follow me on pinterest here and twitter here.
7.Follow me in Google + here.
8.Please leave a comment below with ur GFC name,Fb name,pinterest,twitter,G+.
9.Only residents of India can participate.Non Indians can gift it to friends or family in India.

Non bloggers : pls send picture with detail recipe to my mail id


First prize:The person who links maximum entries will get to choose between 

Tart Baking mould

Or this cook and serve pot pan.
Second prize:
If i get more than 250 entries i will go for another prize.This will be awarded to the second highest entry linked person who has to choose between

Vertis Kettle Jug -which can be directly keep on flame.

(or) Wooden coffee tray.

Prize may be increased if i get more entries.

Note:Prize may change depending on availability..

Happy linking.


  1. COngrats babitha... Its an great event...and I would love to link my entries soon!!! Happy giveaway!!

  2. congrats dear... all the very best...

  3. Congratulations... I will link my entries...

    Here goes the detail
    GFC name Amrita Roy
    Fb name Amrita Adak
    pinterest Aamritaroy14 (Amrita Adak)
    twitter Aamritaroy14
    G+ Amrita Roy

  4. Congrats Babitha, nice event, will link in entries soon, happy giveaway...

  5. Lovely event and gifts Babi congrats and happy hosting, will try and participate :)

  6. congrats babitha, nice event wishing many more years of bloging.

  7. Wish you all the best dear..Will link my entries today.. Do join in my and Monu event with giveaway.. I'll be glad to see your entries.

  8. nice event, everything is Linsy Patel

  9. Congratulations on completing two years dear!! Happy hosting, will participate too!

  10. Linked a few posts, already following you in everything :)

  11. Congrats on your 2nd anniversary :) will link my entries soon :)

  12. lovely event dear :) happy hosting :)

  13. Lovely event and I have posted ..following you all ..Farin Ahmed

  14. your site has virus, its always crash it when ever i link to your giveaway

  15. Lovely event .. missed it since I am on vacation and away from blogging. Will try to post my archived ones until I get back.
    Happy Hosting !

  16. Congrats Babitha ,first time here ,do visit my blog at your leisure ,following you on fb and G+.Linked my recipes to your event

  17. Congrats for your event
    Fb like done
    Already Following you on Pinterest,Gfc,Twiiter


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