Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Homemade Paneer ( Indian Cottage Cheese ) | Kitchen Basics

homemade paneer

 Paneer ( Indian cottage cheese) is very easy to make at home and worth making it.For curdling the milk you can use either lemon juice,citric acid salt,vinegar or curd each has their own taste.Lets see how to make it.


Milk- 1\2 litre
Curd-1\4 cup


1.Heat milk and bring it to boil.When it boils simmer it,add the curd( or what u prefer).Stir till it curdles well and switch off.

2.Pour the curdled milk through a cheesecloth and drain the whey water(you can use this water to make gravies or to make roti).

3.If using lemon/vinegar for curdling was the cottage cheese under tap water to eliminate the flavour  and hang it on sink tap for the water to drip out completely.

4.Take the cloth flatten it on flat surface and keep a heavy object over it for it to set.Let it be so for some hours.

5.Then take it cut in to cubes and use it in gravies else store in an air tight  container in fridge.


  1. looks good.. helpful post..

  2. I use lemon juice or vinegar.

  3. Nice useful post, usually I add lemon juice..

  4. A very useful post. I usually use lemon. Will try with curd next time.

  5. I love fresh paneer a lot :) very useful post and well explained dear :)


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