Friday, March 21, 2014

Banana Milk shake | Sharjah Milk Shake | Summer Recipe

sharjah milk shake

Sharjah Shake is nothing but banana milk shake found in kerala.As the temperature is raising its becoming difficult to be in kitchen to cook.Something quick and easy is my choice during these days ,this milk shake is one like that.If you have some over riped banana then try this for a change.

Preparation time-under 10 mins
Cooking time: nil
Serves- 2 glass


  • Over riped banana-4 ( i used yelakki/elaichi type)
  • Chilled/frozen milk - cup( boiled,cooled n chilled)
  • Cashew nuts/ peanuts- few
  • boost/horlick/cocoa powder- 1 tsp( any health drink works)
  • Sugar- 3 tsp( adjust)
  • chocolate sprinkles-few( for topping)( optional)


1.In a blender add chopped banana,nuts,chilled milk,boost ,sugar and blend well.

2.Transfer it to serving glass and serve chilled.


  1. filling milkshake . love it..

  2. refreshing and super filling sis...

  3. So tasty drink. I used to make this drink with sapota. Hmmmm yummy drink.

  4. nice and healthy shake dear, i love the name sharjah milk shake....

  5. Healthy and refreshing milkshake :) yummy !!

  6. I too love this drink a lot and make the often :) looks yummmm and I feel like finishing the glass right away :)


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