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Jil Jil Jigarthanda | Badam Pisin/Almond Gum in Rose Milk | Summer Cooler


Jigarthanda is  south Indian beverage originated in Madurai,a city in TamilNadu."Jigardhanda " means in Hindi " cool liver".Its is served in  road side shops there.The main ingredients is badam pisin/ almond gum which when soaked in water turn into jelly substance which is a natural coolant reduces body heat and help in gaining weight.Its easily available in natural/Ayurvedic medical shop.I tried this recipe from here for the FB event.

Preparation time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 10 mins
Recipe type: drink
Recipe cuisine: South India
Author: Babitha
Serve:  3-4


  • Milk-1\2 litre
  • sugar-1\4 cup (adjust)
  • almond gum/badam pisin- few rocks
  • Rose essence-2 tsp
  • pink food colour-a pinch(avoid if ur rose essence is pink in colour)
  • Ice cream-a scoop(i used rose flavoured)( u can use vanilla flavoured)
  • Tutti fruity-few(for toppings) (optional)


1.Soak badam pisin/almond gum in a large vessel with water.Let it stand over night,You will see how it has boomed the next morning.(use very small gum rocks).

2.Heat the milk in pan let it reduce to 3\4 its volume.Add in sugar and boil for a while.Switch off.Add in rose essence and color(if adding).Mix well.Let it cool and refrigerate till we use.

3.Take a tall serving glass add in 2 or 3 tsp of  soaked badam pisin(jelly one).Pour in the chilled  rose milk and top it with a scoop of ice.

Sprinkle some tutti fruity ton top and same.


1.You can also use nannari syrup/Sarsaparilla syrup to make this instead of rose milk.In that case reduce the milk to half ,add sugar and chill it.While serving add soaked gum, nannari syrup,chilled milk and top with  ice cream.

2.Mostly street side pull-inns use rose syrup.

3.Soak small rock of the gum.


  1. looks delicious and colourful.. gonna try this tomorrow :)

  2. Looks delicious lovely color.

  3. oh wow! this looks so yumm and refreshing. really tempting..

  4. wow... such a tempting glass....

  5. Thanks for trying it from my space. Love jigarthanda anytime. Btw if u hav posted on your space you cant submit it for the facebook event. As I have already clearly mentioned that you must not post the tried recipes on your blog. So this pic will not be considered sorry. Hope u will comply..

  6. They look wonderful, and very very tempting :)

  7. looks wonderful dear...beautifully presented..


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