Monday, April 07, 2014

Blue Berry Choco chips Ice Cream ( using blueberry crush) | With out Ice cream maker | Summer Special

At last i made it,yes since November 2013 i was wandering to make this ice cream and was searching for this fruit/crush.I couldn't get fresh fruit but got fruit crush and made this yummy ice cream.I added choco chips to it  for extra taste.Another reason for me to try blueberry ice cream is that i had some left over blue coloured whipped cream want to utilise it in it.Try and enjoy this summer.

Preparation time:15 mins
cooking time:10 mins
Freezing time:6 hrs to overnight


  • Full fat milk- 500 ml or 2 n 1\2 cup
  • blue berry crush-1 cup
  • sugar-1\4 cup
  • Whipped cream-1\2 cup
  • choco chips-1\4 cup

blue berry ice cream


1.Boil milk and cool it.Add the blue berry crush ,sugar to it and mix well.

2.Add in the whipped cream and mix well.Add choc chip and just mix.

3.Transfer it to a freezer safe bowl and freeze it for 6 hrs or over night.

4.Scoop it and enjoy.Top it with some choc chips(optional).


1.My choc chips got stucked to the bottom of the container,so don't whip after adding it.

2.The colour may vary be because here i have used blue coloured whipped cream.

3.the fruit crush already has sweet in it.

4.Can make this with fresh blue berry too.In that case make puree of it and mix it.check for sugar u may need more.

Absolutely yummy tomato preserve attracted me a lot.


  1. please pass on that bowl... would love to have it right away..

  2. Que bom aspeto, já me servia

  3. yummy icecream.. Love to have it.

  4. Delicious ice cream. I am going to make next is blueberry ice cream as my daughter is fan of blue color

  5. wow..homemadeice cream looks wonderful n its tempting allot.

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