Monday, October 08, 2012

Thavala vadai

Thavala vadai is a mixture of all dals & raw rice,but here i included sago too.this gave a chewy taste and it was nice,do you a try.


1.Raw rice-1\4 cup
2.Toor dal-1\4 cup
3.Channa dal-1\4 cup
4.Urad dal-1\4 cup
5.Moong dal-1\4 cup( i didn't add here)
6.Red chilli-6 to 8 ( acc. to ur spice level)
7.curry leaves
9.Hing-1\4 tsp
10.coconut pieces(optional)
12.salt to taste
13.Oil to fry.


1.Soak rice & dal separately for three hrs.Soak sago in water for 1\2 hrs.

2.Grind it all with red  chilli to a coarse paste,it should be thick.

3.Cut shallots and add to it.

4.Add curry leaves,hing, drained sago,coconut pieces, salt and mix well.

5.Heat oil and make small balls,flatten it on ur palm & fry in oil under medium flame.(else u can use small ladle to put the batter on oil).

6.Drain on paper towel,serve with any chutney.

I usually add some pods of garlic and grind as dals cause gastric problem i use,u may avoid it if u don't like garlic flavour.                     

Sending it to Nithubala's Chat food for kids event


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