Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Orange Squash/Juice | Summer Drink

Hot ! Hot ! every where hot,need something to cool.Juices is the best way for it.Make this squash & keep it ready in the cooler,drink it whenever u like to sip something cool.Its every easy to make.

  • Orange juice- from 4 oranges
  • Citric acid- 1 tsp(or lemon juice)
  • Sugar-3 cups
  • Water-2 cup
  • Orange essence-1\2 tsp (optional)
  • Orange colour-a small pinch (optional)


1.Boil together sugar,water & citric acid crystal(if using it) together till sugar is dissolved completely.Line the stainer with muslin cloth and stain the mix.

2.Add orange juice to the mix & allow to cool.

3.If adding colour & essence to it,add and mix well.

4.Completely cool & pour it into sterilised bottle.

5.To make a drink add 1\4 cup syrup ,1 cup water.Add ice cubes before serving.


1.If using lemon juice add it when adding orange juice.

2.Here I added colour so I got bright orange colour,avoid it if u don't want.

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