Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sabja Lemonade | Sweet Basil seeds Lemonade

Climate in Chennai is playing hide & seek sometimes hot and sometime cool.Mostly days are hot and day end are cool a bit with pleasant breeze.Although the temperature is not so as it was during peak summer but we feel a bit dehydrated in noon.So to chill my day time i go on with juices and lemonade.I had a pack of sabja seeds unnoticed for a long time which i actually bought to try falooda,another famous cold beverage in our country.These seeds which look like black sesame seeds has many good qualities.When soaked in water it becomes jelly like absorbing the water and gives a crunchy feel with bland taste. It is the best coolant and can be used in any cold drink.Made lemonade with this sweet basil seeds.
This is how the sabja/sweet basil seed look like

sabja /sweet basil seeds-1 tsp
cold water- 1 cup
sugar-2 tsp,adjust( to taste)
salt -a pinch


1.Soak the sabja seeds in water.I about 3-5 mins it will bloom and look like jelly.

2.Take the needed quantity in the serving glass.Squeeze lemon juice in to it.Pour in in chilled water,sugar,salt  and mix well.

Cooling lemonade is ready.

basil lemonade


  1. Sweet basil lemonade looks really yumm.

  2. Really refreshing... I had bought a pack of sabja before Ramadan and really don't know where I kept it... :(


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