Friday, June 05, 2015

Raspberry Lemonade Fizz | Summer drink

Fizz is a mixed drink ( cocktail) .It generally uses acidic juices (like lemon or lime) and carbonated water. {source wikipedia }.When i was in Dubai i got a small box if lovely beauties which i ate few as such and was wandering what to do with some.While googling i found many drink and ended up making a fizz.Many fizz drink uses gin but i didnot use it here.Also you can see in one cup its forthy as i added more carbonated drink in to it.My version was not very dilute so if you prefer watery consistency then dilute it.I just made a simple sugar syrup with water & milk,you can skip it add sugar and water as such.


Raspberries- 15-20 pieces
Sugar-1\3 cup
water- 1 cup
carbonated water -as needed ( i used sprite here)


1.Clean the fruit well in water,add it on to blender and blend well.( you use a strainer  and strain the blended mix if you prefer clear drink).I did not strain.

2.Add sugar and water ,make a simple sugar syrup.squeeze lemon juice.Keep everything ready.

3.Mix in ground fruit mix,sugar syrup,lemon juice and lastly add the carbonated drink.

Serve immediately.


1.Instead of carbonated drink you can use soda too.
2.Add sugar syrup according to the consistency you want.I made my fizz thick.
3.Strain the blended juices if needed for clearer one,i did not strain.


  1. looks so yumm and refreshing...feel like sipping it right now

  2. these red beauties are lovely and the drink too


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